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Format and Style

Manuscripts must be prepared with latex according to the journal format and style, including figures, references, acknowledgments, footnotes, tables, and figure captions. Format and content should be carefully checked to exclude the need for corrections at the proof stage. A charge will be made for changes introduced after the manuscript has been set in type. Before the paper is prepared, a sample paper of the journal should be consulted to ensure that the requirements concerning format and style of presentation are followed. (sample paper)


Authors who prepare their papers with TEX are encouraged to use the JNSA Tex Macro package for Latex2e. The template with the macros is available here.

Authors who wish to submit disks to the editor should do so only after consulting with the Chief Editor. They must then include all macro definitions they have used together with a printout for reference. It is important to ensure that all files (particularly the text) in the hard copy and in the soft copy are identical.